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Saturday, May 21, 2011
 is not  only one site for setting a new dimension in social networking it also upgrade us 1000 years than before. 

About the SiteTalk

SiteTalk Communities is a new dimension into social networking. A social network platform - SNP, introducing the free SiteTalk Desktop application. Focusing on complex relations between a user profile and the environment of information surrounding a particular online member. SiteTalk takes security and privacy seriously and protects the users integrity. The community offers its members the possibility of staying in touch with friends, family and business relations globally, utilizing a number of useful online tools, constantly being developed to serve the individual needs. A user can easily upload pictures in albums from the Desktop Application, edit them and share the content with their connections. Personal information, still and moving media and favourites enhancing the users online identity. Furthermore SiteTalk hosts several services and products through SiteTalk Mall - an integrated user friendly e-commerce platform.
SiteTalk is effortlessly accessible through using a standard web browser or more versatile using the innovation, SiteTalk Desktop application. The desktop application is downloaded and installed on a single or multiple personal computer, making it a smooth experience of accessing all functions of the social networking platform (SNP) in a secure environment.


All information that is uploaded to the user profile belongs to the user. All profile information belongs to the member and if the user prefers to stop sharing content, it will be removed as pleased.


SiteTalk Community offers its members more than just social functions. Surrounding the user, SiteTalk has an integrated e-commerce platform with different products and services. SiteTalk also offers its members a mobile to mobile telecom service and solution, bringing the world closer to the user connecting to other SiteTalk Mobile.

Loyalty points and bonus program

Joining the SiteTalk Community is totally free for the end user. Most members get referred by a friend or business contact to join their network. All members automatically become a part of the SiteTalk referral program, making it possible to gain bonus points on personal referrals that the user brings in to the community.

We care – We share

SiteTalk works closely with charity organisations and hosts its own charity operation by the name of SiteTalk Care. SiteTalk Care works with different types of charity functions and currently focusing on long term aid in areas that the media has forgotten. All members of the community have a possibility to help and donate bonus points made from using the SNP, thereby contributing to a better world.

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